December 24, 2007

Last night I went downtown walking. Thousands of people do. On December 23 Icelanders cook this really disgusting fish that tastes like ammonium. It smells like your worst nightmare. Afterwards the houses smell so bad that people have to stay outside for the whole evening while strange men wearing masks make their homes inhabitable again. Luckily for me I have no teeth yet so I'm not allowed to eat it. Next year I plan to call in sick. I slept outside a coffee house for a while before we could go back home.
Mom and dad think I grow up so fast they tried to put me in an old people's home today. However they were full so they didn't want me. I got to see my great grandmother while we waited. She is 99 years older than me.
In the evening we opened a lot of presents some of them were bigger than me. I even got a package from China. It was brought by the Santa Cat who squeezed it in though the cat entrance downstairs.
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