June 30, 2008

When you're my age your parents try all this food stuff on you to see how you react. Dad put me on a lawn by the beach the other day only to find out that I didn't digest the grass. The grass was just as green on the other side, so to speak.

June 29, 2008

Mom started her vacation. Now we hang out in the hammock all day.

June 26, 2008

My great grandmother died earlier this week. Sad for all of us but probably the best thing for her. Here is a picture of us from Christmas Eve. She fooled people (including her husband) about her real age. Only recently they found out she was in fact years older than we thought. She was one of a kind. Dad used to threaten to install speed bumps in the corridor at the old people's home so that she would drive more carefully.
It's much harder to lie about how old you are when you are my age. I just had my 10 month check up. At 99 they don't weigh you or measure your length or your head to see if your keeping up with your fellow 99 year olds. I was 75cm and 9555g.
As you can see I've been to the beach again. Last week when we went there my tire broke and we had to take the bus home so now we go by car.

June 25, 2008

We now have sunset at midnight and sunrise at just before 3 AM so if you are lucky you get just about 3 hours sleep.

June 22, 2008

This is not part of the Independence Day celebrations. Mom says that 100 years ago they used phone boots to call home. Now we have the mobile network spots where you can cuddle up to call home.

June 21, 2008

When Mom and Dad had packed everything in the car this morning I got a fever. They decided to go on the trip anyway because I like sleeping in the car. So today I slept all the way to Þórsmörk, all the way up and down the mountain and during the barbecue. Then I woke up to have some barbecued baby food before I slept all the way home.

Don't you just hate those days?

June 20, 2008

June 18, 2008

While Mom is at work I go to the beach. Since the sea is too cold to go swimming they pump out warm water to heat it. So you better check the opening hours before jumping in. You don't want the hot water to be switched off. The official beach homepage issues a warning about hypothermia, the water being only 18-20 Celsius and all during opening hours! You see, they failed heating the sea to body temperature like the other outdoor thermal pools.

On 17 júní (Independence Day) you put on your national dress and your baby blue wig and go downtown. It was so much fun. Dad got to push me and bump into all the people on purpose that bumped into him with their strollers the last 30 years or so. He also invited everyone we met to our garden and then we barbecued almost 100 hot dogs.

June 16, 2008

I haven't had time to do much flag waving lately so I had to practice a bit. I don't want to look like an amateur tomorrow.

Mom and Dad went shopping today it was so boring.

June 15, 2008

Dad and I watched the soccer game yesterday (Sweden - Spain). For those of you who don't know my Dad that's a big event. Dad doesn't watch games he just likes watching people wearing white pyjamas fight. Mom is the one watching the games in my family. She watched it in a really tiny envelope sized window in her computer at work. One of the guests actually invited herself to watch the game with her and two of her friends joined in before they went to their rooms! Who says you need big screen TV?

June 13, 2008

This spot was reserved for the President of Iceland.

June 12, 2008

As pointed out by my friend in the comments we started shooting Gone in 60 seconds today with the film team

June 8, 2008

Mom was very busy taking pictures of me the other day. And she thought I didn't know how to climb ladders.

Today we went to see the weekly duck shower. The ducks all shower on Sundays. They get fed so much on Sundays that the pond gets contaminated with all the bread.
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