August 28, 2009

Our new computer hopefully on the way from the US. It might take a couple of weeks though before things will be back to normal here on the blog.
I have now started playschool. It is fun except they still make Dad hang around which is really embarrassing and annoying. Next week is my birthday.
Then I'll be going to collect sheep. In early September Icelanders gather their sheep. In the summer season they let them run free around the main roads with all the tourists to improve their language skills.

August 22, 2009

I hope we can get our computer back in order soon so that I can blog some pictures again. Today is the worst day of the year in terms of getting around central Reykjavík. People park their cars on top of each others and Hotels are fully booked 6 months in advance. Dad wouldn't let me run the full marathon so I ran the Lazy town kid's marathon which is 700 m. The picture is stolen from here. For pics of previous cultural nights click here and here.
Yesterday Dad swam across the bay to Viðey- island and back which takes maybe 1,5 hour. The water temperature was about 9°C. I got to go with Dad's uncle's boat to see him on the way. With a little help from one of the rubber boats we actually found him among the approximately 170 people swimming all dressed in identical orange swimming caps. I shouted "swim daddy" at him. Most people swam only one way but Dad decided it was so much fun he swam back to Reykjavik again. Some people that took part in the event are swimming from Britain to France later this year. For them this was probably like taking a foot bath. You can see pictures here. It was a National record in terms of all the participants.

August 19, 2009

In addition to the car breakdown our computer is now dead. So we can't access any of our pictures for now and it's hard to go online without it. In case you wonder where we are.

August 15, 2009

August 14, 2009

When you have a high fever and you have to go on a 7 hour trip on your broken car to get home you get ice cream.

I walked behind the waterfall in the last post almost on my own. Here I'm crossing the bridge afterwards.

August 10, 2009

August 9, 2009

August 8, 2009

Mom thinks it would be much easier to send us a couple of the family boats over from Sweden. In one of the cars the passengers actually ended up with wet feet because the doors weren't airtight.

In this weeks photo theme you are supposed to guess the theme I choose for these 3 pictures. Difficult? You just may find the motive in last weeks posts.

August 6, 2009

On the way back we stopped at the popsicle lake. For more pictures of it from last summer click here.

August 5, 2009

The last days of the trip was a nightmare. The car broke down almost at the very spot furthest away from home. We could have left it there and asked someone to come pick us up or drive it the 649km back to town in two wheel drive using the front wheels which as it would turn out made the car act like Bambi on ice on the gravel roads even at no speed at all. We we're just outside Egilsstaðir just off the East coast and for those of you who haven't driven the Eastfjords it involves amazingly steep gravel roads with sharp bends that is not for the weak hearted even if you have a car that works. You do'nt want to slide down those mountain roads without any road fencing to catch you if you fall. The rest of the trip we spent waiting for the front wheel drive to fail since 649km was a long way for driving in a way the car was not designed to.

We drove around the Vatnajökull glacier. You can see the glacier on picture no 4. The ice is often covered in sand in the summer so it's actually pitch black. It makes the super jeeps look like tiny toy cars. The area behind the glacier was used by the Americans for testing their moon vehicles. They would have been really easy to spot if they were bright pink wouldn't they? The "road" is sometimes just a bunch of yellow sticks in a stony field. We saw one car during this one whole day of driving behind the glacier.

August 4, 2009

I'm back again from our summer holiday. As you can see the Icelandic highlands are very bright, colorful and crowded with people. We took almost 800 pictures during the trip so there will be more to come. I went for a swim in this hot spring. I put this post in the "this is what it looks where I am today" photo theme.
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