June 26, 2008

My great grandmother died earlier this week. Sad for all of us but probably the best thing for her. Here is a picture of us from Christmas Eve. She fooled people (including her husband) about her real age. Only recently they found out she was in fact years older than we thought. She was one of a kind. Dad used to threaten to install speed bumps in the corridor at the old people's home so that she would drive more carefully.
It's much harder to lie about how old you are when you are my age. I just had my 10 month check up. At 99 they don't weigh you or measure your length or your head to see if your keeping up with your fellow 99 year olds. I was 75cm and 9555g.
As you can see I've been to the beach again. Last week when we went there my tire broke and we had to take the bus home so now we go by car.

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