July 26, 2008

I'm going on my second summer holiday. This time were going to the other side of the Westfjords. I will go to to Ingólfsfjörður with Dad on Monday morning and then Mom will take a flight to see us later. They seem to think it's important to take me places where there are no Internet, phone or even mobile network access and the best thing is if there are hardly any roads. They do have the nicest swimming pool though so it will have to do. The local swimming pool is located on the beach and it's so local no one works there except the cleaning lady. Therefore it's open 24 hours and you put the entrance fee in a box in the locker room. For those of you who don't read Icelandic the directions to get there from the home page is to drive until the road ends. Just so you know if you are interested in going there sometime.
The airport where Mom's going has a natural hot tub in the cliffs just by the sea where the waves splash in on windy days. Here you see the Tub Warden that work with scaring off the tourists. I'm only joking. The land lords don't want people to go swimming though.

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