August 8, 2008

I drove some 800km yesterday and the day before that. We had to show my new au-pairs from Sweden the south shore. We had such a good time in the back seat. We saw a lot of horses, waterfalls, ice cubes and a typical Icelandic sheep dog that became my best friend where we stayed overnight. When we arrived at the farm we saw the sheep running like crazy towards us and after them came this Icelandic killer sheep dog you can see on the picture. It was smaller than me. Mom and Dad also took me behind the waterfalls and at Vík they let me stand on my own waiting for them while they ran away to take pictures.


ika said...

Åh va många fina bilder !! Och ja, hunden såg ju hur läskig ut som helst ;-) Är det en Lundehund ?

Sindri said...

Nej det är en Paris Hilton hund skitläskig ;-)

riya said...

I liked all the photos. Especially, the waterfall one is a lovely photo.


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