September 26, 2008

On Thursday nights the jeep nerds go to the swimming pool. For those of you who haven't been to Iceland that's similar to going to the pub. It's a common mistake among foreigners thinking that going swimming actually involves swimming.
I usually get to come along as a guest lecturer when they hang out in the hot tub. Tonight I was invited to have a presentation on the necessity and beauty of having an old car that doesn't start in the morning.
I've now started walking around a lot. I walked across the whole pool dressing room in every possible direction. My parents have to follow me as I run off. They are worried about my navigating skills and think I'll end up lost or that I'll exit the locker room so that they have to go and get me outside in the lobby in their underwear. Tonight I got mom running in eights in the dressing room. You should try the Icelandic swimming pools sometime they also have hundreds of lockers to hide in. Hours of fun.

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