October 4, 2008

I haven't had time to blog much this week. I have had a bad cold and an eye infection. The other night Dad put Vicks ointment on my pyjama shirt but forgot to tell me that it was supposed to make me breathe easier. I thought he just missed, so I rubbed it into my eyes to make them better. Don't try putting Vicks into your eyes at home! I cried for an hour rubbing my eyes. When I still hadn't managed to open my eyes we went to the Hospital because we thought someone there could maybe rinse it out for me. It was during the snowstorm on Thursday night and of course the car didn't start at first. Finally at the Hospital I got to see a whole bunch of cute nurses and doctors that pitied me for my bad cold. Of course I had to open my eyes to check them out and then I was quiet fine just a bit swollen.

Other nice things that happened this week is the Icelandic krona is at an all time low. So it's never been cheaper to come and visit me. Last year before I was born we paid 8-9 Icelandic kronur for 1 Swedish krona. This week we pay 15-16 kronur. The Icelandic government took over one of the main Icelandic banks this week as the National Bank of Iceland denied to help them out of their financial crises.


Sally said...

Men oj ! Fasiken, det måste ha svidit som bara den ! Skönt att det gick bra iaf. Mår du bättre nu ?

Sindri said...

Japp mådde bättre redan på sjukhuset ;-)

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