October 28, 2008

Despite the publicity during the last few weeks we haven't run out of food and meds. No need to send me any food packages just yet. There are Government restrictions though on which stores get foreign currency to pay for their imports and smokers are worried about Iceland running out of cigarettes.
Commercials are now almost disturbingly stating that whatever they are adverting is Icelandic (and not some foreign evil crap). People are very angry. There are examples of Icelanders being literally thrown out of shops in Denmark and Great Britain just because of their nationality. When people go on holiday they now lie about where they are from.
The Icelandic Symphony Orchestra was going on a long planned trip to Japan the week after the crises hit. They were then suddenly told they were no longer welcome. The trip had already been paid for. It wasn't a question about our currency problem. Japan just didn't want our terrorist Orchestra to play there anymore.
Today's paper has an article about a 2 year old girl whose hospital stay in the US was paid before the banks collapsed. The payment to her hospital disappeared in the system when the Government took over the banks and today she owes her bank an extra 4100USD since the payment didn't get through in time before the Icelandic crown went up in smoke.

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