November 6, 2008

sja - see, in Icelandic (sjá)
titta - see, in Swedish
bäää - could you pass me some of that grass, in Sheep
tss - cat, in Swedish/Icelandic (kisse/kisa)
esi - apple, in Icelandic (epli)
da - fell, in Icelandic (datt)
ba - light, in Swedish (lampa)
mamma - Mom, in Swedish
(of course though it's spelled the same in Icelandic)
pappa - Dad, in Swedish
(I only use it to talk about dad when he's not around not to get his attention)
nei nei nei - no no no (Mom and Dad uses it a lot these days)
ada - watch out, in Swedish (akta)
a - hot, in Swedish (varmt)

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