November 30, 2008

This picture is stolen. Click on it to see the whole apartment. This looks exactly like my room. When I take off my shoes they always end up in the same room in almost a straight line next to my bed. I mostly play with one wooden, quality toy at a time. It sometimes gets left behind when I sort everything else into my three boxes neatly before I go out to play. This picture is taken in broad daylight you see. It looks especially like this in my room in broad daylight.
Then I have one really nice, ironed, stainless shirt on a hanger because I use it every night when I go to parties. I have a couple of other colorful, ironed, completely foodstainless shirts hanging around the apartment (next to the front door and in my parents room). Mom always sits in a corner on her wooden chair knitting me sweaters (while Dad lies on the leather sofa) but she hasn't quiet got time to tidy everything up so she leaves her yarn ball lying around when she takes me out to play.
We have one pair of shoes each that are lined up neatly in the hallway. Mom also has a cheerful, green top in the hallway that she forgot to wear when we went out. She forgot her bag too so we might actually have to call the locksmith.


sally said...

Ungefär som här då.

Sindri said...

jamm precis så är det ;-)

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