December 15, 2008

I arrived in Sweden late last night. Everything went really well. I didn't run out of trolleys or bins to play with.

I thought this was a real safety gate. I just saw it's a fake. Funny story by the way. I was just going to call Mom's cousin to say thanks! Never mind.


Karolin said...

Ett bandymal? Ett fiskenat?
McGuyver hade blivit stolt over "the rock" om han sett detta verk! :-)
Jag lider lite med min stackars syster..

Sally said...

Där sitter du bra :)

Anonymous said...

Hehe Finally a good way to catch the boy.
Perhaps I should find my old troll net to keep the kid in place.

Have fun in sweden.

Regards, Dad

Äjj-Käjj said...

Oj, oj, det ser ju jättebra ut. Bättre än min jäkla grind! :-D

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