December 17, 2008

Today I learned how to pull the legs of my pyjamas up to my chest. For the rest of you that wonders what the cute thing about running around like a senior citizen or as if you were wearing a gymnastics outfit for girls that's what you do in Iceland when you have to cross deep rivers by foot. You can cross rivers just for the fun of it or to save tourists that think it's a pice of cake but forget they are supposed to look straight ahead and look down just to get paralyzed and stuck in the middle of the river. So the pyjama trick is very useful. I also learned how to spin in circles ending up walking around like a drunk.


Anonymous said...

River crossing while holding upp your pants is a great trick. And yes you have to be care full what you trick tourists into doing. You might end up having to rescue them like did.

I think you are a bit young to be walking around like a drunk.

Regards Dad

Sindri said...

You still haven't rescued any tourist wearing your pyjamas have you?

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