January 7, 2009

Mom and Dad are really stupid they don't seem to understand me at all. I use this new word apa (monkey) all day long. It's the first thing I say when I wake up in the morning. I thought I'd show them you are so much brighter than they are.
What do I mean when I say "apa" (monkey)
MONKEY of course I'm not stupid.
DAD (pappa). Since he doesn't speak Swedish he won't notice.
BARBAPAPPA on my breakfast bowl
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Barnens Hjältar said...

Japp, lite frost hade vi :-))

Sally said...

Eh.. tror du är hungrig och tänker på Barbapappa. tror jag. Kanske.

Sindri said...

Tyvärr kan jag ju inte avslöja svaret för mamma och pappa är ju alltid härinne och snokar ;-)

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