January 23, 2009

Our neighbour gave me sour sheep balls earlier today, yummy. Now is the time of the year you'd better stay away from Iceland if you don't like the whole idea of having intestines, rotten or sour foods. Icelanders love offering their rotten shark and sour sheep balls to polite foreigners. The rotten shark is prepared by digging a hole in the ground and leaving it down there for quiet some time.
It's a mystery why people in the rest of the world don't have rotten food festivals this time of the year? Why not celebrate the good old times when they didn't have refrigerators and the foods from last season would have gone really bad? In case you like the sound of it you can get a burned sheep's head all year round in the downtown drive through fast food place. This dish is also very delightfully presented staring back at you from the plate. I don't want to scare off any of my readers but if you feel up to it you can see this masterpiece of Icelandic cooking by clicking here.


www.sammyrose.blogg.se said...

Låter smaskens. mmm

Sindri said...

Jamm. Pappa gav mig rutten haj när jag precis börjat med puréer och fruktmos och sånt trams till mammas stora glädje. Jag tycker det är jättegott.

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