January 26, 2009

Today our Prime minister became the world's first national leader to resign as direct result of the global financial meltdown. Iceland will probably not be a better place as a result. It was just a matter of principle. The government seemed to be the only people in this place who didn't think it was strange that until yesterday not a single person had stepped down or made an attempt to take responsibility after bringing the whole country to the verge of bankruptcy.
I passed the Parliament around noon today but then I could only see 3 people demonstrating and they were in the back yard because of a funeral in the nearby church they didn't want to disturb. It sounded like hundreds of people though because one of them had a really loud horn and the other 2 were playing the drums. There were 2 different TV stations recording this massive demonstration and I at least counted 4 police cars.
It's almost sad if the demonstrations come to an end. Finally I found something I'm really good at banging pot lids together like the Duracell rabbit. And the adults were all banging pot lids and didn't seem to mind the noise at all. Strange isn't it. You are not allowed to bang pot lids in your own kitchen but hey, why don't you go downtown and bang some. Here have a trash can lid in stead. Pictures were taken a few nights ago.

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