February 3, 2009

Mom stayed at home from work today because she wasn't feeling well. Moms tend to feel bad if they miss out on things you do when they're at work; your first words, your first steps. So it's good to get things over with when you're at home with Mom. At least until today I thought so.
Today I learned how to climb; the stove using the oven lid, the kitchen chairs, the kitchen table, out of my bed onto the really high cupboard next to it. You name it. One could say we had a climbing theme day. For some reason she was not so thrilled.
Those of you who have followed my blog know I have quiet a temper if I don't get what I want. If not check it out here. It's an understatement my day today was disappointing. When my neighbour came by tonight she asked if I was sick since I had been crying all day. She was going away to spend the night at her mother's she said.
I kind of got the feeling today Mom wanted me mounted to the ground like this mountain toilet on the picture. She hid the kitchen chairs behind her bed and I think it's only a matter of time before the stove ends up there too. I have a feeling from now on she will spend her relaxing sick days at work.
Mom got this nice award from her friend Sally. She passes it on to her cousin Äjj-Käjj because her blog is so hilarious and then I think it also makes Mom feel good to know she doesn't have 3 times me to entertain while she is on the toilet, to carry around places or to keep the next door neighbours away from home.


Äjj-Käjj said...

Ååååhh, TACK!! För motiveringen framför allt! :-) Tack, tack!

Smamman said...

Ja, fick ju genast dåligt samvete över att ha kunnat sitta med köksmöblerna i soffan idag utan att behöva hämta och lämna på dagis...

Towe and Anders said...

Vilken harlig och kul blogg att folja. Tack for att du tittade in hos mig! Fint ni har det pa Island! towe.

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