February 12, 2009

Today I got new kitchen equipment. Mom says it's too dangerous for me to work in their kitchen. Or maybe not. I started off by karate punching my toy oven window in and a bit later I had to call for Dad because my head was stuck inside the oven and I couldn't get out. It's so much cooler to break the window when the food is ready don't you think?
Tomorrow my almost two week house arrest is at an end and we're going to Akureyri to visit friends. I promise to post from my mobile.


synne said...

Hej kocken.
Hoppas det blir god mat.
Undrar varför spisar till vuxna inte är röda...
Vitt är lite tråkigt tycker jag.
Maila mig du. Jag fixar te.
Vaniljte ska det bli.
Har du lust att läsa nått intressant så gå in till mig och kolla. Man blir skrämd.
Ha en fin kväll.
Kram Synne.

Sindri said...

Ja rött e snyggt :-) Tack detsamma!

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