March 6, 2009

My blog is now one year old. It has become something of a kid's travel picture blog. So I figured I'll have an anniversary post with some old pictures I found. Most of them haven't been posted before. I started travelling at 3 weeks. Last summer was extremely hot and very cold. I went to the beach a lot with my friends. In July at 10 months I went on my first camping/hiking trip. Why start small when you can start off by staying in a tent for more than a week? The first night we were dropped by a boat in the middle of nowhere making it impossible to chicken out on the camping part and go home. First night Mom and Dad's air mattress got a big hole in it. Luckily they had mattresses in the old house they could borrow. I slept really well in the fresh air. You can see my fleece pyjama outfit on one of the pictures. I loved walking along the tent and hiding out in it. And Dad did all the hiking with me in a fancy backpack seat.
In August I stood on my own for the first time. It was during a photo shoot for the blog in front of the rock formations at Vik on the south coast. I hope you have noticed you can find pictures from our trips in the pictures from Iceland section to the right or look for pictures from different parts of the country.

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