March 23, 2009

Our camera just got a scratch mark on it and might be beyond repair. I thought I was starting play school this fall but now I probably won't get in until I'm 3 years old. That means Mom has to work when Dad is not working and they never meet. I don't quiet see the problem. They see me. Mom has a cold and today she also got sick and had a knee problem that makes it hard to walk. Our carpenters stood us up and have to work on the biggest parquet floor. It was flooded and now needs 2 carpenters working 6 weeks putting new parquet on it. They say he's really having a hard time this parquet guy. Someone with such a large floor wouldn't have the means to move somewhere else if his home was flooded. He probably has no friends. And he doesn't pay a penny more than we would have done for changing our windows. No. Our carpenters are just very good hearted and pity him so much. That means our 46 sq meter apartment is full of windows and stuff. My stroller just had a flat tire. Did I mention the sun was shining today? At last I hope Mr parquet guy reads my blog. Just so you know you're being totally screwed by those carpenters.


Äjj-Käjj said...

Oh, jösses! Men jag håller med Sindri om jobbpusslandet, vad är problemet? Jag och maken jobbade så månad innan vi blev helt galna! Jag passar dig Sindri!

Smamman said...

Åh vad bra tack! Det passar ju bra nu när ni skall köpa flygplan. Ja vi tyckte vi varit flexibla så det räckte nu i över ett år ;-) Det ordnar sig väl. Idag sprang jag på 2 snickare som börjar på måndag :-)

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