May 16, 2009

I'm going to a Eurovision party tonight. Icelanders are obsessed by Eurovision. The streets are emptier of people this yearly Saturday evening than during the worst snowstorm. It's the best time to go somewhere because there is no traffic what so ever. It's almost spooky. If you didn't know it was Eurovision you might come to think there had been some national disaster. The old Icelandic songs are played over and over. Icelanders will never forgive Charlotte Perelli for pushing them down to that dreadful second place in 1999. Some papers say we have the best song this year. Which is quiet scary cause we absolutely don't want to win this year. There were articles in the papers wanting us to skip taking part this year just because of that microscopical risk winning the whole thing. We've had enough of economical breakdown for now. Please don't vote for us whatever you do! We're all hoping some aluminium foil wrapped guy will come along and win.


Sally said...

Okej. ska inte rösta på Islands bidrag. Men den är rätt bra.

Smamman said...

Hi hi tack ;-) Fast det var visst någon som lovat hålla spektaklet åt oss om vi hade vunnit, Norge kanske? De hade ju redan bokat arean nästa år.

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