May 26, 2009

I now look a bit like as if they forgot my car seat and pulled me on my face after the car in a rope. It is almost true. I got a new car with a string attached to it last weekend and I was so busy pushing it around I took a dive on my nose.
The playground Mom and I go to has now been invaded by a boy camp of older school kids on summer vacation. They were really impressed by my looks and asked about what happened. Then they asked Mom to take me away when I followed their every step around the playground.
I'm not a shy person and I think I'm in fact much older than I am. People just don't seem to realize that. Remember when I tried to join the swim team. A couple of weeks ago I joined soccer practise. There is a soccer field just behind my grandparents house. I went outside, found my way into the field, which is only possible though one small entrance behind the goal on each side because there is a large fence. Then I ran around kicking the balls and when no one joined I went up to the kids sitting in a circle, sat down and joined strategy talk. Then Mom came and ruined my soccer carer.


Karin said...

Aj aj! Förstår att de stora killarna var lite imponerade. / Karin

Smamman said...

Ja hoppas han inte förstod det ;-)

Äjj-Käjj said...

Aj, stackars!! :-)

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