June 21, 2009

Landmannalaugar is one of the most colorful places in Iceland. The mountains look like their creator went berserk with the palette. Many people don't believe the pictures they see from Landmannalaugar until they go there in person. They think that the pictures are fake and have been tampered with. I might have to show you later though because the mountains were still partly covered with snow. The road has just been opened for the summer tourist invasion. Some roads are actually closed until June due to snow and bad conditions. We went there twice in December with our jeep and these picture are taken at almost exactly the same spot.
You don't have to be that brave now to go for a swim. In the summer they also have toilets, showers and running water.
These picture are also funny because they show just how small Iceland is. The three ladies in the picture in the middle met Mom the other day at her job and yesterday Dad came home with a picture of them from the middle of nowhere.

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