June 8, 2009

While Mom was working 36 hours to pay for more trips I went to the Westfjords with Dad for the weekend. We stayed in my great grandfathers and great grandmothers house. The one in the left corner. The houses in the fjord are nowadays only used as summer houses. People gave up on living there all year round. So why do you drive for 6 hours straight just to stay there for one day and drive the 6 hours back again the next day. As you might remember Dad went to the end of the world also 2 weeks ago! Well, they do have the nicest swimming pool. It is open 24 hours and you pay the entrance fee in a bucket in the locker room. It is located on the beach with the greatest of views. I got to go swimming at 10pm because my great grandmother let me take a nap for 4 hours while the other went out at sea. The main reason for the trip will follow in my next post.


synne said...

Hejsan igen.
Njuter igen av dina Islandsbilder.
Det är så vackert.

Ser gott utt att bada så där. Är det inte kallt? Eller är det varmt vatten från en geyser?
Ha nu en bra tisdag vännen.
Kramen Synne.

Sindri said...

Hej hej! Det är ju varmt försåss 30-35 grader kanske :-) Kramar från oss

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