June 29, 2009

Dad got fired on Thursday. I haven't written so much about the Icelandic crises. It felt somewhat unfair since things had never been better for us. We had very little loans on our apartment and owned the car. The deep crises everybody else was in even made things easier for us. It was easier to get the car fixed and get people to work for us in the house, changing the windows and stuff. The play school lines were disappearing because people now move abroad and take their kids out of school. In one month I went from not being able to get into play school for the whole next year until being next in line. They had 3 kids moving abroad in just one week.
Home loans are a big problem to people because of the high mortage rate. People that had their loans tied to the Euro now pays fantasy amounts every month. You probably saw the guy on the news that bulldozed his house when he lost it and dug a hole and threw his car in it. There's no rental market here so if you are a working adult not staying with your Mom you have a home loan by default. Many people are unemployed. Unemployment is not a game around here. It's not something you do because it's a convenient way of making money like some people in Sweden. Three months you get paid a percentage of your former salary. Then you get a minimum amount that is similar to what students get that are obviously not so tied up to their homes, cars and families. We have a friend who pays more for his car every month than what you'd get per month being unemployed.
Food prices have gone up by 30% since October. Basically all other prices too because of the low Icelandic krona. There are no buyers anymore for the homes and cars that people so desperately need to get rid off.
The pictures are taken on a trip we took to my great grandmother summerhouse this weekend.


Karin said...

Jo visst har jag hört om ekonomikrisen och sett bilderna på hemmet som mosas. Men har nog inte riktigt förstått att det är så pass illa. Låter inget kul. Hoppas vindarna vänder!
Underbara bilder! Gillar speciellt den tredje med "barfotalunket".
/ God natt ! Hade tänkt ut och fota om ...ca 6 timmar (05.00), får se hur det går.

Sindri said...

Jo det är rätt illa. Nu kan vi klubba igenom ett fantasilån för att betala milljarder till brittiska och hollänska sparare som ingen vet om vi egentligen är ersättningsskyldiga för eller klarar av att betala ens räntorna på eller så vänder EU och IMF och alla länder oss ryggen. Win win situation.

Oj det låter ambitiöst att vakna så tidigt :-)

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