August 5, 2009

The last days of the trip was a nightmare. The car broke down almost at the very spot furthest away from home. We could have left it there and asked someone to come pick us up or drive it the 649km back to town in two wheel drive using the front wheels which as it would turn out made the car act like Bambi on ice on the gravel roads even at no speed at all. We we're just outside Egilsstaðir just off the East coast and for those of you who haven't driven the Eastfjords it involves amazingly steep gravel roads with sharp bends that is not for the weak hearted even if you have a car that works. You do'nt want to slide down those mountain roads without any road fencing to catch you if you fall. The rest of the trip we spent waiting for the front wheel drive to fail since 649km was a long way for driving in a way the car was not designed to.

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