September 25, 2009

Life as a grown up several-year old really sucks. My friend and I go to the same playschool but we never meet. I'm not even allowed to play with the older kids outside in the playground. Mom and Dad lied to me about this because they didn't know we weren't allowed to see each other. So the first week I was hanging on the glass with my friend at the other side when we came to playschool in the mornings. Mom and Dad had to drag me away from the window. I even woke up at night calling her name. A few days ago I summarized the whole situation like this:
-Mamma jobbar
-Pappa jobbar
-M jobbar
(Mom is working, Dad is working, M (name of my 3 year old friend) is working.)

1 comment:

Sally said...

Livet är hårt ibland..:p
Nu ska jag uppdatera mej med vad ni pysslat med i sommar :)

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