November 2, 2009

We spent the whole weekend going to IKEA. On Saturday we borrowed a huge car to go there. One of the big jeeps that you feel really stupid driving around on in the city center because it doesn't really fit into any parking spaces. And yes there are bigger jeeps than our jeep.
The car decided to die in rush hour in the middle of the crossing where all the traffic has to pass to get onto the city's main street. One of our kind jeep friends came and pulled it out. That took all Saturday from noon to 7 at night.
Today we decided to go to IKEA with our smaller jeep. We then spent some three hours there. I had to go 1000 times down the slide in the kid's department, hide in the tents and try out all the stuff. Dad had to film himself riding on one of the shopping carts going through the self service hallways on high speed. Mom had to buy all their supplies of Swedish candy and vanilla desert sauce.
Grandma and Grandad came because in the end we thought our car wouldn't take all the stuff after all. Then we had to have lunch and I met my friend from playschool and another friend from karate. At last you're always 5 hours putting the furniture together. We might use some of the pictures we took as this year's Christmas card though. That would save us a lot of time and energy. Good thing they have all the Christmas decorations up early.

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