December 16, 2009

I was by far the fastest person on our flight. When we were heading for the gate at Keflavík airport on our way to Sweden I was beaten though. There was a man in a suit that walked faster than me looking at me as I was declaring my åka flygplan, åka flygplan, åka flygplan:s. After him came a smaller guy carrying a suit. Mom thought the first man looked familiar. It was the president of Iceland.


Karin said...

Oj ! Åkte ni på samma plan ? Spännande och fina bilder. C som sitter här bredvid och tittar, instämmer./ Karin

Anonymous said...

There is no problem having him on a plane. If you are willing to watch him run up and down the airplane for long periods of time. But he's polite and nice to all the people on the planes so there is no problem wtih it.

Regards, Dad

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