December 14, 2009

We flew trough Oslo since there is no direct flight to the front side of Sweden in the winter. If you have to wait for the bus in Oslo there is a lot of wild animals to look out for. The first two pictures of the huge tiger are taken on our way to Sweden and the last one on the way back. Then I was brave enough to sneak up from behind to touch it's tail.
As true Icelanders we went straight for Oslo's best ice cream place. It's Italian. No offence but we're not big fans of Norwegian food. The ice cream café is to the left at Stortinget subway station if you walk the Karl Johan main street from the train station where the tiger is.
Dad also had sushi. If you're interested in avoiding Norwegian food even further there's a sushi place just around the first or second corner off that same main street. It used to be one of Oslo's finer streets... I don't eat sushi so I had a burger. I got a Mac Donald's balloon from some nice Norwegian children at Burger King. All people were super nice. But bring your big wallet if you ever visit because it's terribly expensive. Or you could beg for money as some of the tourists did. We ran into a elderly man in a suit from Manchester with a big suitcase that was begging for money.

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