January 1, 2010

  • I leaned how to sing smooth criminal in Icelandic after watching the TV show making fun of last year's news.
  • Dad forgot his tripod - therefore the lack of pictures of the fireworks.
  • To Mom's great relief I was scared to death by the fireworks and had to spend New Year's Eve inside. I sat paralyzed for almost 2 hours which is quiet an achievement for a two year old. Iceland at midnight is like being at war. At 00:15 our former moonlit clear night view was swept into clouds of smoke. You wear protective glasses and stylish clothes you don't mind getting big burn holes in. So this year Mom got off without bruises and having to buy a new outfit.
  • I went to sleep at 2AM


Kusin Karolin said...

Gott nytt ar!

Sindri said...

Gott nytt år!

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