February 10, 2010

Dad broke his toe on karate practise last night. As a true Icelander he put the toe back in it's right position again before going to the emergency room. So it looked quiet normal from the outside. The doctor seemed to be a funny guy he said it's not broken - it's totally demolished and gave him a print out to take home. So cute. To his defence we have to say that this is the first time he's broken anything in 16 something years of karate practise. So if you're looking for injuries try soccer practice.


Synnøve. said...

Men det ser ju ont ut!
Hoppas det läker bra.
Kramen og go bedring till far.

Kusinen i Rom said...

Inget daligt virke de ar gjorda av islanningarna! Fin bild att ha pa kylskapet ;-)

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