February 2, 2010

In February we have the rotten food festival in Iceland. We even drive with take away rotten food to remote locations in the Highlands. One would think you could just save yourself the trouble and head out with normal food and it would have gone bad by the time you reached your destination, but no. Here are some pictures from Dad's yearly rotten food trip.
If you were wondering about my last post Dad was testing our GPS device for the trip and it didn't work inside our house. In stead of going out in the garden he stuck it out of the window using our floor mop. To his defence I wasn't feeling well so I was not allowed to play outside. You hook the device up with your laptop and it makes it possible to navigate your car offroad even if you are for example blinded by a snowstorm. You will then see your car following a track on the computer screen even if you can't see a thing out the front window. Not reccommended though if you drive where there's traffic.
As you can see we haven't got any snow here this winter, even this far up the mountains you can see the stones sticking up.
I went to visit my friends this weekend and had very nice food.

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