March 12, 2010

Every day we wake up and read about some two hundred new earthquakes during the night that passed. The earthquakes all occur under the Eyjafallajökull glacier and they might be signs of an volcanic eruption to come under the glacier. But they might also be signs of nothing. Last night they had the biggest earthquake so far just 3 on Richter. The glacier now has a night guard and yes they are pretty much on the glacier watching it. Looking for a job in Iceland? As usual it's popular to drive to the top of the glacier so here are some old pictures to show what it looks like.
There has been 2 eruptions only in historic time in the 1600:s and in the 1800:s. So this might just be the time if the volcano has a 200 year frequency. Dad wants the eruption to wait until his car can get fixed. These are usually very tourist friendly eruptions. No one is hurt but roads might be swept away by the floods that follow when all the ice melts.


Synnøve. said...

Det är stor aktivitet nu när det gäller jordskalv över hela jorden verkar det som.
Lite obehagligt att bo där ni bor kanske, för man vet ju inte om det blir ett utbrott tack vare jordskalven.

Håller tummarna för att allt går bra.
Kramen Synnöve.

Karin said...

Wow vilka landskap och vilka bilder! Hoppas jordbävningarna håller sig på rätt nivå, inga fler katastrofer tack! / Karin

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