June 30, 2010

The trees in Þórsmörk seem to be getting their act together after being covered with volcano ash. Þórsmörk is now a place of extreme contrast. First there is the dark colorless ash which covers the whole ground. Then there is the dark sand with rocks in it carried forth with the glacial rivers. Finally the fresh green colors of growing plants. These extremes make Þórsmörk well worth visiting. The floods have swept away large pieces of the landscape leaving behind it huge boulders some the size of few story high buildings other like large trucks. It's a sight to be seen. Road 1 is still waiting to be asphalted where it was cut off to save the bridge over the river in the big flood, if you saw the news footage of that? Þórsmörk was for the time of year practically empty of tourists. We saw two tents in what's usually a large village of them.

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