November 7, 2011

My little sister is of course the smartest baby in world history or at least since me. She is now 10 months and her party tricks includes walking a few steps on her own, climbing sofas and stairs when unattended, changing the settings of computers so that even the professional can't figure out what's wrong, throwing around clothes all over the house that she finds in drawers, playing peekaboo behind clothes and under tables, swimming twice a week out in the cold when I have my swimming classes, holding a phone to her ear mimicking a conversation, saying mamama and bababa and ta (titta), playing my electric toy guitar and dancing and fetching the book "var bor du lilla råtta" when she hears the song.


Brisbane Wedding Photography said...

the baby is so adorable. definitely cute and smart. She's just so cute!

Smamman said...

Thanks :)

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